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Cafeteria menu

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Hi guys

I am in the first stage of opening a cafeteria .It is located in a downtown office building with 500 plus employees with differents professions.we will serve breakfast and lunch.Since this is my first business ,I need some help with the menu and how to set prices.Any input from you guys will be highly appreciated.Thank you in advance.

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Too wide open. Need more info. Are you the owner? If so, are you under contract? If so are there any stipulations to the contract? Is there a proposed budget? Lots more questions.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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thanks for replying. No fixed budget and no contract. only lease the owner and I have to do every thing by my own and from scratch. I pay rent and utilities are included.the place needs some renovations and I will pay for it.
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You may be sitting on a gold mine there......
Think catered breakfast meetings, box lunches in addition to a routine delivery service.
Maybe run a snack cart around the place at 3 pm or so (the cart would be a great job for a college kid).
So fresh fruit cups, yogurt, fresh danish, couple of breakfast sandwiches, juice, straight up coffee (all offices have their own for free and trying to compete with Starbucks is a very expensive death) for AM examples.
Mid day things like deli quality sandwiches and roll ups the usual sides potato salad, cabbage slaw (for this to work most if not all components need to be made fresh and in house) salads as well as one or two daily "blue plate specials" (everything vintage is very cool right now).


If this was me I would carpet bomb the place with check off type menus and give a 10 am deadline for box lunch orders.
Don't forget to have a few simple desserts that can be stuck in a desk for snack time.
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Hi flipflopgirl

I really appreciate your ideas.I was thinking boxed lunches and catering to offices as well.The 3 pm cart is brilliant.The kitchen is only 500 sqf and the space is very limiting in regard to fitting equipment and storage.I have to keep a very simple menu and this is my only concern.otherwise things are looking good.Thanks again.

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I aim to please  :cool: .




OBTW....welcome to Chef Talk!

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Me again.

About the drinks.

It is tempting to go the cup of ice and fountain pop route for economy reasons but in the long run they are more of a PITA than they are worth.

1. Keep sanitized

2.Keep regulated.

3. You ALWAYS end up having to switch canisters in the middle of service.

4. The ice ALWAYS melts before the last delivery.


IMO would carry a good mix of drinks, 5 or 6 of the usual (bottled/canned) suspects plus a handful of small batch offerings (root beer and cream soda for instance) as well as a couple of types of water both spring as well as something like this and keep them coldcoldcold (or stick them on ice for delivery).


Can you tell I like openings  :bounce:



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Yes I can tell:).Thanks very much ,your ideas are very helpful.Do you have any special deli sandwich recipes?.I want  to be distinctive .And one last thing please,is there a rule for calculating the price of a sandwich or a dish?

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Chef Talk has some really generous members who know a lot about pricing and stuff.

Do a search and you will come up with a zillion threads addressing that very topic.



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Altho the menu and pricing are important, the first thing I would do is find a trustworthy contractor who specializes in restaurants and health dept/city codes and do a walk thru.

Your first concern will be grease traps and ventilation and sinks and dishwashers and............

Getting up to code.



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Thanks ,you have been incredibly helpful.I will update you with more news soon.

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