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Gas convection double oven.

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We are needing to replace our double oven and I was looking at this one, Natural Gas Bakers Pride BCO-G2 Cyclone Series Double Deck Gas Convection Oven - 120,000 BTU.


Has anyone used or have knowledge of this company?


Also is there any good suggestions on a double oven.




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Never heard anything at all about Sunfire (the one you linked to) I've never seen one in operation either. Bakers pride I have heard are quite reliable and are a quality brand. I used one at one restaurant I worked at and they never had any problems with it. It was about 5-6 years old I would say. I have heard that depending on your location in the US service for them can be spotty. I'd recommend finding out who would be able to fix whatever brand you're looking at before you buy it. Personally I love Vulcan but you pay a premium usually.

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Thanks for your reply Beastmasterflex.  The service information I had not thought of and will consider that when making a purchase.

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