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need some advice

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Hi there, I just landed a job where I am managing a small Kitchen. It is in a Detox Facilities, so no wines in sauces etc. 


I have to do the ordering for the weekly menu. we are on a two week rotational menu. I think I have the hang of it, but still am unsure of myself.  I usually look to see what we are going to need for the upcoming weekly menu and order accordingly, but amounts sometimes get the better of me. We usually only deal with about 20 clients at a time, we are doing lunch and dinner, lots of tossed salads on the menu. your traditional soups. I have been playing with the menu to bring in some new items. What is the best way to look at what you need to order. I am new at managing and would like to do a really good job. Our budget is about a 1000 a week and most of our supplies are coming from Sysco. 


I am trying to keep a flow to the menu so that there isn't much waste, but sometimes that is hard to do. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.... trying to show how good I can be as a Chef.

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The longer you do it, the more comfortable you will get. Every time there is a mistake, or waste, try and decide if there was something you could have done to avoid it; treat it as a chance to learn something. Watch what people eat and you will be better able to predict what they will eat(some restaurants actively track this. Pattern definatly emerge). Plan ahead; as far as you can. If you know your next move, that is too say, roughly the size of your next order, you can run your budget tighter. Restaurant chefs sometimes 86 items before a menu change to avoid having leftover ingridients. Remember, the more comfortable you are with the technical part, the more time you can focus on the execution, which means more time taking care of your guests.
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Thanks that really helps. I have been watching what the clients are eating and I am definetaly seeing a pattern to what they like. I just put in my second order and I must say I did pretty good. I was under budget, yet have enough to carry me through till the next. I looked over the menu and took stock of what we had and what we needed and ordered accordingly, with a few extras because I am making menu changes.


The GM is very pleased with me and I am starting to find the so called paper work easier,and knowing I have the ingredients to produce the meal I want to turn out is making me more confident. There is nothing better than watching your clientele enjoy there meal and praising you on how good it is.

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It's always tough at first! The big thing is to pay attention. Good luck!
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