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Hi, guys. I've been contemplating taking a bread/boulangerie course and i'm conflicted as to which school to go with. I would like to take an intensive course (no boot camps, 1-day classes) because I would really like to learn as much as I can and I am also coming from overseas so it would be more practical living expense-wise. 


My picks:


The French Pastry School (Chicago)

  • $10,600++ for 8 weeks (272 hours)
  • Great instructors who are master bakers/world champions
  • My brother studies and lives about 2-3 hours away from Chicago
  • Only one intake every year: June - August


San Francisco Baking Institute

  • $11,710++ for 48 days
  • Great reputation for bread
  • I have family in the area
  • Only one intake for the consecutive course - July-August/September



  • $9,150 for 8 weeks (200 hours)
  • Chef Sim Cass of Balthazar fame is the head instructor
  • Killer NY living expenses
  • Intake every 4-5 months


Has anyone attended any of these classes or know of anyone? I can't find any solid feedback or even reviews on the matter. Also, would it be a stretch to get a job in the United States after taking the course? After the course, I would really like a lot more experience and "real world learning". I would appreciate any feedback or help. Thank you!