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We are looking for a head/executive chef. In terms of experience we are happy to look at someone who is ready to step up into an executive chef position in a new country in a new and exciting challenge. Someone who may not necessarily have extensive restaurant experience but someone who is creative, certainly a good cook, strong managerial skills and who is able to make the kitchen his own, to be responsible for ordering inventory, manage the kitchen and staff and to continuously innovate. Assuming success with time, we would like him/her to play a bigger role in our expansion plans becoming a 'partner' figure. We don't expect him/her to speak Armenian or Russian, but conversational English is important. Salary and all other bits are negotiable.


The restaurant is in the city centre of Yerevan, Armenia at the meeting points of three major focal points in the city. The establishment is earmarked to be a bar/lounge fine dining area, it has a seating capacity of around 70 including the bar seats, located in a beautiful period building in the heart of the city. We are looking to operate from breakfast i.e. 8.30am onwards to late dinner. We already have a draft menu. 


I can be contacted on


Thank you


Edward Grigorian.