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Banana sorbet!!

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Hey fellow chefs!!!

I'm after a recipe for a banana sorbet recipe??
Cheers for any replies! I'd you guys need recipes just ask i am a professional pastry chef!smile.gif
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Many of the basic recipes are nothing more than bananas, sugar or honey, and lemon juice. Food processor and then into the ice cream machine.

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Yeh I want an anglaise base.
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If you use any kind of dairy, then it's Sherbet.
Use a Sorbet recipe and add cream.
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Oh wow I just realised my reply haha...
I'm working out my own recipe
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I see your last post mentioned working on ur own recipe.... I'm always looking for new ones and was curious what you may have come up with?

Also, you mentioned that you're a pastry chef, any chance you would mind taking a look at a forum I started looking for feedback to help me for an experiment I'm going to be conducting in regards to Creme Brulee.

Thanks so much!
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