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I've been a sous chef. Room chef too. As I look around my town on the Strip, I don't see ANY executive chefs that look like me. It may seem petty but to be honest, when I don't see people like myself in prominent positions it doesn't make me feel well.

I am concerned that I'm close to my ceiling as far as career ladders are concerned. I can take a sous chef job. Maybe progress to room chef, asst exec too. But I get discouraged to not feel I can move higher.

It makes me want to take a restaurant manager job at Applebee's. Is it cooking, no. But I have a real opportunity to be the GM and really run a restaurant. Top-of-the-house if you will.

I don't like feeling stuck. At the end of the day, I feel it's better to be a GM than sit as a room chef knowing that it's difficult to go higher.

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