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Retherming plates for banquets

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Hello Chefs,


I will be accepting an offer at a large private country club as Executive Chef of a club house. On the property there are four separate club houses, but my place does all of the banquets and receptions on top of a la carte service. I toured the entire island,it is on an island with close to 6,000 members, and they use Alto-Sham Retherm system for large plate ups and banquets. I was very honest and told them that I have never used a Retherm system, they told me it is not hard in fact it makes the processes of large banquets much easier.


My question to all you fine chefs is have anyone ever worked with this type of system? They have an alto-sham roll in combi and an alto-sham roll in blast chiller with each retherm rolling rack holding 96 plates. If you have ever worked with a place that uses them,what are the advantages, disadvantages?  But most importantly, what is the food quality after the plates are reheated for service?


Any advise or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Because you can control heat and humidity through multiple cooking/reheating phases they can produce good food.

The only one I've worked with was in a brand new hotel kitchen.

They had ramps to their walk-ins making moving plated carts inside impossible, and had water so hard that deliming twice a day wasn't often enough, and it kept breaking down, so I mainly used it for cooking and reheating large batches.

The alto shaam website has some great guides.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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Rest assured this system is awesome.

Think about a banquet for 200 people with Filet Mignon, a twice baked potato, and green beans.

Simple enough plate......

The day before your banquet, or better yet, the morning of your banquet, 2 guys come in to prep.

One guy marks off all the filets on the grill, and preps and green beans, while the other guys makes the twice baked potatoes all the way to the point of finished except to fire them to re-heat.


The 2 guys then plate these dinners. All 200 of them go into the Alto-Sham (s). The guys clean up, set the machine to start reheat a few hours before the banquet.


Time to serve. Go to any plate in that machine and each and every steak will be perfectly medium, the beans cooked and not shriveled, and the twice baked potato will be hot throughout.


This saves on labor big time. I urge you to check it out and get friendly with it.


Many peers are skeptical of this process, but I have used it and find it adequate.


It's is not perfect, but it does do the job quite well. 


One of the biggest disadvantages would be the worst case scenario,

where somebody forgot to set the machine.


Come in to serve and everything is cold.


Another one would be maintaining the unit and making sure it is in proper working condition.


Our was going strong for 2 years before it needed servicing.

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Hi Chef

how is the plate retherm going?

if you ever need any assistance feel free to contact the alto-shaam culinary team at:

262-251-3800 or email me at

what property are you at and where is it located?


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Chef Robert,

Thanks for checking in. The new job is going great! But I was mistaken about the equipment, it is not an alto sham. It is an Electrolux unit. When I first posted, I only had a quick tour of the kitchen(s). My apologies for not using also sham smile.gif The Electrolux units have been great and the whole rethrem process a god send!! We routinely do banquets for 300+ people utilizing the combi ovens and rethrem and it delivers a better product with half The labor. The only draw back is the hardness of our water. We are on an island in Savanah GA with very heavy water. We are doing a delime once a week to keep the 2 $25K machines working. The property is The Landings Club. We have close to 6000 individual members or 3000 member families, four clubhouses. Six golf courses and 7 f&b locations plus catering.
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thanks for the update and glad to hear that plate retherm worked out for you!

sounds like a great place to live and work.

water can kill an oven, hopefully you also have the combis on a great filter system.


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