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Cubans Anyone?

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I went to see the movie Chef yesterday.  (Two thumbs up! if anyone is curious), but it inspired me to make cubans.  Here is how it went:

Started by marinating Pork shoulder in Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Lime, Orange, and Naranja Agria for about 3 hours


Patted dry, rubbed with Tropical Sazon and slow roasted at 300 for 4 hours (very small shoulder)

Got my assembly in place (mise en place for you fancy folk ;) ), Got too excited and did not take pic of assembly or press

But it was delicious! :)

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Looks delicious. Congrats on doing it the right way. Cubana are definitely one of my favorite sandwiches when done right
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They don't have these in Cuba, they should really be called Miamis

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Probably my favorite sandwich. I've never made one at home but they make a good one in a little Cuban sandwich joint just south of the Loop in Chicago, near one of my jobs. I treat myself regularly. They have lots of delicious sounding sandwiches but I can never get past the Cubano on the menu.

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