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A few weeks ago I was in Black Canyon City, Az with my family. While we were there we stopped in for dinner at the Red Rock Cafe. Dinner was great but the best part was the Lemon Meringue Pie afterwords. The BEST part of the pie was the meringue. It was light and fluffy, almost that of whipped cream, but it had the stiff peaks that held it's shape like that of a a traditional meringue. This was the best Lemon Meringue Pie I have ever had and I would love to replicate the pie here at hom. Home is in Wisconsin so thelikelyhood of getting back to the Red Rock Care in the near futureis very unlikely indeed. If anyone has any pearls of wisdom to share with me the advice would be greatly appreciated.

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We have driven past many times, but never stopped... now I have to!

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Their soups are REALLY good too.  They come highly recomended. 

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