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No back up, kind of stressed, need peer support

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Hey everyone!

I'm new here so cut me some slack. I chef at a small luxury resort on a lake in the Ozark area. Usually we are flow enough, being a new place, that I can handle the twelve to sixteen hour work days. They are mostly filled with waiting. However, this weekend, from tomorrow until Sunday, we have a seventy five person wedding week have booked out the whole resort. That's a shit ton of plates for any cook, any chef, and I am alone. I don't have anyone else on my team, not even a real wait staff. I use the office girl and the adventure guide usually. This is different.

I'm stressed because my boss and to have total faith in me, and every one else is to buddy with housekeeping and task work and other shit to even notice me in the kitchen. The thing is though, every guest eats the times a day at our resort, is inclusive. And yet I have no support staff. I know this I'd a compliment of sorts but it is also stressing me out.

I know how much these people are paying for this wedding. I can't help but think they'd be pissed if they found out it was just one guy making every meal, from six am to eleven pm, five course meals, their god damned wedding dinner. I dunno.

Any one else been in this kind of situation?
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Geeze--that's a disaster in the making--your boss is a foolish gambler---


One slip with a knife and he has a total train wreck---so much for his big profit---


Do you know at least one other cook in the area that could step in for a few days-???

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Based on the information you posted, you are being used. You need some help and should ask for it immediately. Just because you are getting the job done alone does not mean you should be. Your boss should know this and probably does. As Mikeswoods suggested, get someone else in for the weekend to help out. And start getting a list of phone numbers for temporary help for the future. Doesn't have to be an experienced professional, just someone who will listen to you and do what needs doing. When this wedding is over and has gone well, your boss will be looking to do it more often and the situation will repeat itself. Get this straightened out now. 

     You have the upper hand but present it in a professional way. "I need help now. I could and will do it alone but the quality and level of professionalism the guests will experience would be vastly improved with an extra pair of hands. "  Don't threaten to quit if you don't get the help. Just state it so you know everyone is aware of the situation and see how they respond.  If you don't get the temporary help, get the job done as well as you can, then polish up the resume. 

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Bwahahaha, good damn auto correct. Just read through what a posted last night and it makes me sound half illiterate.

First off, "one slip of the knife", lol. If I was accident prone I couldn't be doing this, I haven't cut myself in years and don't plan on starting this weekend. That said, you probably just collapsed my wave function and tomorrow I'll slip on a anchovie and sever my jugular. Or I just doomed myself by being arrogant about never getting cut. Similar results I imagine.

Secondly, my GM works just as hard and just as long. I know this shouldn't make me feel like I need to do the same but when your boss is busting his ass, it is inspiring in a weird catholic guilt kind of way.

Tonight went well, in case you were wondering. Baby spinach and marinated artichoke dip, toasted pistachio caramelized onion adore speed bacon honey Dijon salad, pork medallions with apple cranberry sauce, herb crusted rainbow trout with grilled lemon and capers, southern fried chicken, chocolate drizzled strawberry shortcake with hazelnut infused whipped cream. Oh, and hand cut garlic seared rib eye with shallot butter.

I appreciate all the advice, and you are both right. My boss is both taking a huge risk by only having one professional in the kitchen and also he's taking advantage of my work ethic and pride (also known as over protectiveness) of my kitchen and what I put out.

The thing is, I don't want some temp help, I don't want some asshole who worked a line the years ago before he landed unemployment, or some food network wannabe who is above scrubbing pots. I wanted a sous. He had me look over resumes two months ago, but as it stands now I doubt I'll get one this season. I guess I'm just butt hurt about it.

This job was a resume builder, and I'm doing that. I'm going to rock this wedding, even if my dip shit food rep sent me leg of lamb instead of lamb shanks. Even though I'm doing it alone. Hell, I like doing it alone.

Anyone else feel like this? The only time I wish I had staff is at closing. That last hour, hour and a half of condensing, labeling, scrubbing out all my pans, sanitizing the counters, cleaning the flat top, sweeping, mopping... when my feet realize how close it is to whiskey time, that's when I really wish I had a dish.

Tonight my gm offered to mop for me. Is a small gesture, but I appreciated it. I think he mostly just wanted to graze my line, but you take what you can get, right?

Tomorrow morning will be interesting, tomorrow night we have a bunch of wait staff being imported from somewhere. I'm kind of dreading it, but my ceviche is going to be bomb and the chile verde is mostly done. Let's hour I nail the tritip. These are mostly Californians so I think I'm in good company with the whole Latin theme I have planned.

Alright, whiskey time.
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