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Howdy Doody

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hey everybody from the city of brotherly love

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Aloha, Welcome @BBQRULES to Chef Talk.

Yup, I’d say that we are pretty friendly bunch.  It amazes me how generous the members are with their knowledge of all things food.  I was doing to same as you about two years ago, searching the `net for an answer to a cooking dilemma, and here I am.  I would have to say though I am a died-in-the-wool-foodie from way back before there was such a word, HA!

Maybe you could tell us a little about your cooking enthusiasm, um, I mean BBQ does stick out.  And I've always found it interesting how folks choose "Other" as their Culinary Experience, what brings you to that selection?

Take a lookey-loo around; do keep in mind though, that the Pro forums are read only for us folk who are not employed in the food industries.

Should you have questions in regards to the site itself, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

I hope to see you often, here, as well as at Face Book and Pinterest, that’s right CT has a page and a following on both.

Once again, welcome.

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My mom and dad both cooked so I watched them and would love to be in the kitchen;

but it was my next door neighbor Mrs Laverne who catered mostly pastries and wedding cakes that gave me the cooking bug. I was about 9 (so early 80s) and she asked me to make some bbq sauce 

I asked her how and she said figure it out. So for the next hour concocted some stuff together in a bowl and she used it. I got my usual which was a icinged cake and like 10$.I was ecstatic and hooked ever since. I choose other in my experience b/c i dont work with food on a daily basis but i cook all the time. If theres a holiday, family event or anything food related I'm the first person called. 

So that 1st sauce led to my 1st dry rub and so forth and here I am now. 

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