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Almond Cookies

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Hello Everyone!

I make cookies at home with almond flakes on the top surface(sprinkled before baking) . But the retention of flakes is very less  . They are chipped off during handling, baking, etc. While eating, the cookie contains very less almond which I do not desire. Is there any adhesive/glue.alternate method for increasing retention of flakes on the cookie. If yes, how much of it should be used. Also, am not much interested in an edible glue which affects the taste, bite, color of my cookies.

Please help me, as this is the major problem I am facing .


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To get to the end product with most of your garnish still in place the form of the almonds needs to be changed.
Try this.... rough chop or grind the almonds then sprinkle and push them into the cookie a bit before popping into the oven to bake.
I do this with peanut butter cookies and most of them make it to the cookie jar intact.


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