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Hot Well Reviews

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I work in an institution where we are never closed and we serve three meals a day. We are replacing our hot wells...high limit, temperature gauge, heating element... every 1 to 1 1/2 years. We use the fiber reinforced resin ones. Has anybody had any experience with this issue? And does anybody have a recommendation for a hot well that does not break down as much?


Thank you.

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You're using plastic wells, i've only seen those once, thought it was wierd. The repair guy that came out to work on them said the plastic ones have a problem to where the burn themselves out because they are not insulated correctly. That may have been that model and was many years ago, so...
All the serious stesm tables i've seen have been built in and needed occasional maintenance. Don't know brands, sorry.
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MUST keep enough water in the plastic well units. 

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