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Birthday party catering

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Planning a first birthday party with about 15 children and their parents. Typically both parents attend (give or take). The menu I am planing is:
Mini sandwiches
Chicken skewers
Cole slaw
Pasta salad or pearl couscous
Mini hotdogs or pigs in a blanket
Devilled eggs
Watermelon sticks

How much of each would you serve if most of the children will probably not eat?
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You really don't think so? The only item I see in there that "most kids" won't  like is maybe the coleslaw,

possibly deviled eggs depending on filling.

I assume this is around normal food time, not 2 hrs after a big meal elsewhere.

So you're looking at 45 people. If you make the skewers right they'll get devoured, allow 3 each.

2 or 3 sandwiches PPerson, 3 pigs, 2 egg halves per person, 12 to 15 lbs pasta salad, maybe 8 lbs slaw,

and just a LOT of watermelon sticks--its the only fruit you're serving and its warmer weather now.

If you don't allow for hungry kids, the parents wont eat as much to conserve, or even worse the kids will

just want more cake to fill the gap.




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Maybe I wasn't clear. Almost all of the children will be around 1 year. Typically at that age parents bring food or formula for their kids. So the menu is really for the adults.
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And thank you smile.gif
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Oh. My bad, I read that as the first birthday party you were making for, not a one-year old's party.

That's what I get for answering before Ive had my coffee. :lol:


Okay so use the same per-person estimates and adjust your amounts to accommodate 35 or so,

just to be sure. 10 lbs pasta should be enough, and one good-sized  watermelon ought to do it if theyre

being served like apps on a stick and not scooped from a bowl.


Hope that (still) helped. :)

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