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Hey, folks.

I've been thinking about buying a meat saw.  I've never used one, and know nothing about them.

My use for it would be for cutting bone-in pork chops, and maybe something like a bone-in export rib.


I can't spend a ton of money on one, but I want one that is powerful enough to do the job without

overloading the machine.  As this would be for a restaurant, there's no need for the industrial strength

types used in meat markets, but I want it powerful enough I don't have to baby it.


I was thinking of maybe a counter model, but don't know.  I also am wondering about how much trouble

they are to clean, as I wouldn't be actually using it every day.


Also, how do they compare to a regular meat slicer for these jobs?  I'm cutting boneless ribeyes and sirloin

on a Globe 12".


Thanks for any help/advice you can give.