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duck breast bacon

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Hello chefs!

I'm trying out a 5 spice duck breast bacon cure. I usually score duck breast, but not bacon. What do you think? To score or not to score?

I'm leaning to not because I don't want fat to render out when I smoke it on saturday.
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I wouldn't you want that fat layer in tact.  How long are you curing it for?  In just salt? 

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It's a duck breast.  I'm going for something more like back bacon than American belly bacon.  There should be that fat at the top.


I'm planning to cure from now until Saturday then smoke it at 250.  My cure


1 lb duck breast
10g salt
2.4 g pink salt #1 prague powder
10g raw cane sugar
12g maple syup


5 spice powder (didn't measure)



I ended up not scoring.  I think it would be really tough to slice if I did.  Now the next question... what kind of wood :D


I got apple, cherry, pecan, blueberry, sugar maple, pear.  I'm leaning to maple to go with the maple syrup.

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The cure time is going to be much shorter than I thought.  I'm going for 24 hours.  Then I'll take it out and rinse and let it dry in the fridge for 12 hours and smoke.

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Sounds good - I would go with an apple/maple blend on the smoke.   It's not pork belly so there are no fat layers to lube the meat during smoking.  BTW are you smoking hot, or cold? 

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Hot. 225-250 I'm hoping the fat doesn't melt too much at this temp.
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I've never had any luck making bacon from the duck breast. Prosciutto though worked well.

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The temperature and humidity are totally wrong for prosciutto right now, and I don't have a humidity controlled fridge to hang one.  I know people make duck bacon commercially, so I thought I'd give it a try.

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