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New Chef Jacket.

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I have a few new chef jackets and I want to get the stains out and be able to wash them. Most of the jackets are white but then they have black collars. So what do I do? I'm going to try the Shout Ultra gel for the stains on the white part of the jacket... I just want to be able to through them in the wash afterwards so they smell fresh. I want to avoid the black dye from getting onto the white.

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bin the jackets dirty jackets are the bain of my life !!!!!!!!

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Dawn dishwashing detrrgent- the concentrated studf+ shout ultra. Really you should bleach them but i'd worry about black collars. Hot water, baby! Good luck.
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Color Catchers (same company as Shout pre-treat spray).
Look like dryer sheets but don't let that fool you.
Go ahead and test a few... the gauntlet I threw before it was a new red t-shirt and a few white pillow cases.
The spent "catcher" was saturated with red dry and the pillowcases were still white.
I always throw at least one sheet in with every load.
A bit of insurance that has saved more than a few light colored shirts that got mixed in with jeans or navy blue napkins.

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