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I am really into Doughnuts and follow just about every doughnut shop in the country. I see all kinds of different doughnuts, but one thing I don't see too much of are different flavors of yeast doughnuts. Some places, like Sublime Doughnuts in Georgia, do a chocolate yeast doughnut, but other than chocolate and the traditional yeast doughnut (or ones with like spices) I don't see any other ones out there. I'm talking about the flavor in the doughnut itself, not the glaze. I am new to making doughnuts and am trying to figure out if there is a reason no one is making flavored yeast doughnuts (like strawberry or blueberry, etc.). Is there something about those ingredients that just wouldn't jive with a yeast dough or would extremely difficult to pull off? Do you know of any place doing this? Thanks for any help you can throw my way.