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Only in bush alaska...

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Sooooo was toying with idea of cooking with some booze... Found a helper to go find out whats kicking around town. This is the bush so nearest alcohol store or any sort is a two hour plane ride away, so i take what I can find. So send this dude out just to see he comes back two hours later with half a bottle of r and r rot gut whiskey and totally wasted...what a day.... Lmao
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Not a lot else to do up there, eat sleep (when it finally gets dark ) fish, hunt & get smashed. lol

I really should have found my way up there years ago-- Id be a bush pilot no doubt.

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Never to late. Bush pilots always in demand. Too bad its cause of the bad crash rate
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Well maybe high, relatively speaking. Its all in the experience in mountain flying techniques.

But Im a pretty instinctive pilot and always wanted to fly the alaskan bush.

But yes, it IS pretty "call-of-the-wild" up there.

Currently stuck in smog laden LA with 7 of the worlds busiest airports within driving distance. lol

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