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mono steel gyuto?

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Hello think i want a mono steel gyuto prefferably carbon steel like white 2

Is it just my head that you cant thin a clad knife to that extent of a mono steel?

And any good 210mm mono steel gyuto suggestions? 200 bucks tops shipped to norway :-)
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You may thin a clad knife as much as a monosteel, but why discussing thinning when we are talking about acquiring a new knife? Better have one that corresponds to your wishes right from the beginning. If you're looking for a Western handle you may consider the Misono Swedish Carbon, thin but no laser.
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Want japanese handle want as thin as possible and as jedi laser as possible without making my wallet cry

I love to sharpen white steel 2 so maybe something that feels like that?
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$200 is going to be a tough one.  Kick it up a notch and you can get a Masamoto KS white #2 from Rakuten Japan for < $300 USD.  They ship here so they might ship to you.

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Gesshin Ginga in white #2, $250. I remember seeing one used in 270mm for $180. Shoulda jumped on it. Love me some white #2. Haven't used the gyuto, but love the Ashi Cleaver (also maker of Ginga) in white steel.

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