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Molecular *cherry picking sources* Gastronomy

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Some of you may know the origins of so called "molecular gastronomy." Some REALLY smart people working for uber wealthy corporations devised "shortcuts" in the food production process to yield consistent results in the manufacturing process making things like quality of the product, origin and operator error obsolete. As well as keeping costs down by replacing say cane sugar with HFCS and other artificial products. But what baffles me is (besides the fact that people demand this stuff by buying it), these corporations are deemed the bad guys in the modern era, but when a hot shot chef engages in these techniques why... he gets a t.v. show, lifetime supplies of ISI guns and a veritable army of young chef groupies...



This is a photo of "minced pimento" Its pureed red bell peppers that have been gelified with sodium alginate, calcium chloride, guar gum, and potassium sorbate, that have been molded and then stuffed into a pitted olive much like a diced red bell pepper in normal spanish olives. 


My question is, why does public perception change depending on if I made this vs FoodMegaCorp?


Other subsequent questions I ask are: Are we really this easy to manipulate? Do we REALLY know who has our best interest at heart? Who creates food trends us or FoodMegaCorp? What if the back and forth between the local/organic/nonGMO and FoodMegaCorp guys is by design to give us the impression that we are smarter than we think we are? 

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FoodMegaCorp wants everything you eat to be like that. Consistancy also means controlling your margins. HotShotChef tells you about it, uses less preservatives, and is charging you $300 bucks for it so only wants you to eat it sometimes.
Your other questions, in order: Yes, No, we create the trends since FoodMegaCorp doesn't advertise. In order for something to be a trend people have to be in.on it- don't forget the framework of the molecular gastronomy movement includes a worldwide movement blocking GMOs.
And finally, the back and forth is genuine, but if ghe little guys get successful, the big guys just buy them. No conspiracy just money.
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Molecular gastronomy is slowly being introduced into our daily lives , backed by the food giants through puppet "tv chefs" - if a familiar face says its good tucker it must be good tucker, its all part of the new world order, people dont grow or control the food anymore, we are more dependent, governments can keep a control on the population, introduce hormones and culls when needed. Im not for it at all, do the world and the future inhabitants a favour, go plant some more produce crops in your backyard and keep more of your hard earned coin in your pockets!
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Dude, I couldn't hear you over the black helicopters.
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I thought they were supposed to be stealth helicopters! Wtf?
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Open up your third eye, black helicopters in the sky!
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Have been a technologist for some time and started to dabble in M_G, was really impressed with the precision which it demands. Had to adjust the ph of my favorite Balsamic Vinegar to successfully create my first spheres.


Thought myself reasonably well versed in the dark arts of high end technical "cooking" and found M_G to be a very humbling experience, as I learned how much I didn't know or maybe more accurately recognize and or pay attention to. Personally like the fact that you can change perceptions and the taste experience itself. We eat with out eyes and it's a neat mind-fuke to look at something, preconceive it and have your mind blown by the taste.


My avatar is my take on a Spanish dinner, freeze dried Serrano ham and Spanish olives, tomato foam, olive oil powder with balsamic spheres served in a cleared manchego cheese cup on a bread cracker.


Loved that all the flavors happened almost in sequence in a single bite.


Molecular Gastronomy Original, DeConstructed Spanish Dinner, bottom to top petite Crostini, Manchego cheese cup, tomato foam, powdered evo, freeze dried imported Serrano, balsamic spheres finished with opaque Manchego mask








"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......


"Ars Est Celare Artem"


True art, is to conceal art......

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