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Couldn't agree more. Consistency is of paramount importance to the success of a restaurant. As my role in restaurants began to morph more into that of chef, I began to write things down, not so much because I needed recipes; but instead because what I needed was for people to be able to replicate what I was producing.


To me this discussion has broken into two separate, and completely valid points.


1. recipes don't define a good cook.. a good cook uses technique and knowledge of food regardless of what a recipe says. They adapt and change things to their own preference and they can do that with wild abandonment because they have amassed the required experience to do so. To share a recipe is to have a discussion about food. It does not, and cannot take away from years of experience gained through trial and error.


2. recipes are in fact a vessel for consistency. When followed to the letter, a well written recipe will achieve consistent results and in applications of commercial food service that is extremely important. In order for this to happen the recipe must not only include ingredients, but also procedure. If a recipe is successful with a product consistently being delivered as a result of the recipe, it is in fact a competitive trade secret in many cases.

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Sharing or not sharing recipes is not the biggest issue.


There are people who will share a recipe with you, except they never tell you that the recipe is not the exact real recipe.



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My friend's mom is one of those.  She asked for a cake recipe and got one.  After failing and making a bad cake her mom says "Oh, you wanted the GOOD recipe?"

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Funny experience of "sharing"...


We attended the International Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, TX a few years ago: you want to talk about COMPETITION!!  Three thousand people camping around a ghost town in the middle of the Texas Panhandle desert  for the better part of a week- mostly observers, as we were - but they really pounded the rivalry between contestants. All the talk was of secret ingredients and mysterious spices.  Beans, as you probably know, are forbidden.


And yet... they were selling a little pamphlet-size cookbook supposedly containing the complete recipe for each Winning Chili for the past 20 or so years.  Yeah, sure.


Of course we bought one;  I believe in the Easter Bunny, too. :rolleyes:


One thing I took away from that cookbook, though - fully three-quarters of the recipes called for Gebhardt's Chili Powder. We ran some down and have been very pleased with the results in our family's ancestral chili recipe, which is of the "some of this, little of that"  variety.



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travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Here's a good example within our own industry.


There's a magazine called "Art Culinaire."

It comes out 4 times a year in hardcover.

I call it "food Porn" because of the way the Chef contributors present their creations with "wild abandonment."


However, as you read and try to duplicate their recipes it becomes very clear, real soon, that certain techniques, and explanations are missing or thought of as "common sense" by the authors.

And in some examples, even ingredients are left out in the beginning only to pop up later in the recipe.


This is exactly the point.

If you are going to share a recipe anywhere and anytime, at least share the entire thing, and if you are not, then simply say no......there is no need for playing this type of game.

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I'm happy to share but I'm no chef so it doesn't really matter. I do feel that home cooks who try to maintain mystery around their recipes are entertaining themselves with the notion that anyone really cares or thinks of them as the best of anything anyway and fully support a persons need to entertain themselves.

Giving away a recipe does not rob me of anything.

@pollopicu I'm not very good at making pancakes. PLEASE share!

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Yeah there are a few... ones that have been passed down by my Mum that I have tweaked and worked on over the years to make them even better.... and then some I have developed over time with my own little twist, as you say, on them. But the majority of them I am quite willing to share... I figure that if they really like them then its a bonus to me.

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To be honest, there is a lot I simply can't share. I am just an amateur and I never learned how to formulate a recipe for consistency. I work on a "tweak until it is right" basis, much to the frustration of many people who asked me for the recipe.

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There should be no secrets in cooking. The more good recipes shared the happier everyone will be.

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My sister won't let me share my BBQ sauce recipe with anyone, not even her. 2 things, first she thinks we can bottle and sell it when we retire and second, if she doesn't have the recipe then she can always ask me to make more for her.

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I like to think, "caring is sharing". 

Plus i can give someone a recipe, even though i don´t tend to use exact measurements, but i can´t guarantee they can make it better or just as good as me. 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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there are a few that i dont share.  my recipe that i use for chilli cook offs and a few from my mother that came from my grandmother that they didnt share.  i keep those to myself other than that ill share any of my other recipes. 

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