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Traveling Europe

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I am looking to get some input from others. After I finish culinary school I plan on taking a few week trip to Europe and going to a few different countries. If you were to travel through Europe, what would be your top destinations mostly based on the food culture? 

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Anywhere in France but especially Paris because it is so beautiful 




Turkey, which wants very much to be recognized as part of Europe and has fabulous food

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Paris and Barcelona, Spain. I wouldn't bother with the UK as far as cuisine is concerned...speaking from personal experience.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
Oscar Wilde



“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.”
Oscar Wilde



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All of the UK, Portugal, Azores, Italy, France are all on my bucket list to visit for the aspect of historical, cultural and their cuisine ...

here's my catch,

I would like to do this in a personal way, what I mean is I'd like to do this by going with people who live or are from these places and have family/homes in these places and could show me their country/city ...

nothing commercial, but very intimate 

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This would be my choice. First option is with optimal food experience in mind. However, all of those cities have so much more to offer in the cultural experience.

Option two would be my choice if I were young and food was more a secondary aim. This tour is more about going to vibrant cities and meeting younger generations. Berlin is an absolute must!!


Tour Option 1; Paris -> (Dijon) -> Lyon -> (San Sebastian) -> Barcelona -> (Marseille) -> (Monaco) -> Milano -> Bologna -> Roma

Tour Option 2; Brussels and/or Antwerp -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Kopenhagen -> London

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Paris for at least a week!  Can't get enough of Paris. And the rest of France. Charcuterie, macarons, pastries, chocolate, lapin, escargot, steak tartar, cassoulet, and more.

Vienna for coffee, cakes, cafes.  Belgium for pralines, moules frites, speculoos cookies, sweet and savoy tarts, chicon au gratin (Belgian endive), Flemish stew, waffles, beer, etc.

Spain looks amazing for tapas but I haven't yet experienced it firsthand.  Italy too - watch all the Rudy Maxa Smart Travels episodes on Bologna, Modena, Parma, and more.

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Thank you for all the opinions. I want to go to so many places, but am trying to pick one area to explore the first time I travel abroad. I am honestly thinking Copenhagen and Germany. These are all great suggestions. France would be amazing for sure.
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