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sharpening softer steels?

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Got a few knives now ranging from 56hrc.i think victorinox chefs knife to harder japanese gyutos 62hrc and such.

I can get a razor sharp edge on all the hard steels at an 15 degre angle.

But cant with the softer steels holding about 22 degres having difficulties getting burr formation on softer steel to.

What am i doing wrong?
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It will take longer for soft stainless on waterstones. Victorinox is one of the better ones. I would say it takes only 2-3 times as long to sharpen. It definitely makes a burr. I sharpen mine at 15 per side. If you use proper cutting board and storage, edge retention should still be ok. Thinning that knife behind the edge made a huge difference also.

In my experince, cheap stainless takes forever to sharpen and Wusthofs also take forever on waterstones. What grit are you using?
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Starting at 1000 finishing 6k
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Which stone? Some stones cut faster than others.  King combo is one of the slower ones.  You want to use just enough water so you're not working dry, but not so much that your swarf is washing off.  That's actually what is doing the cutting after all.

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Got king 220. King 1000. Naniwa 3000 and king 6000
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