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I need some help.

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Okay guys, I need some help. I don't think I'm special or anything. I honestly think my cooking is absolute trash, but I'm not awful on a sauté line and my knife skills are not absolutely terrible but my flavors are off. They're just not good. Anything I can do to help myself with that?
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Like the jazz player said " practice man, practice"
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Start simple mate , play around with some aromatics like fresh herbs, or dry spices, then when youve mastered what you can do wuth them move onto vinegars or things like fish sauce , shrimp paste etc.. just see what works together and what doesnt.
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Start out simple, crack open one of those dusty cooking tomes you paid your hard earned college money on and start cooking something. The recipes are in there for a reason, they work, while they may not be the fanciest or flashiest foods they are good basic starters. Then when you get that right look at changing it up, start out very basic add something extra or change one flavor, see what it does. 


Most important thing to do is WRITE IT DOWN, when you learn what works you will want to remember what you did to make it work.

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