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Hello from San Diego

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Hi I'm Tu, just like the number 2, or Dos as some may call. I used to be a server,bus boy, cashier, and waiter for a family restaurant. Let's just say it was the most humble experience I had in my life. Now I'm actually launching my own design firm that focuses on small business, and to be honest, my restaurant industry clients are always the best clients to partner with. I'm actually doing a promotion for restaurants owners as a way of giving back to the industry for the life lessons it has taught me throughout the years. :peace: 

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Welcome to ChefTalk Tu.


I’m sure that you’ve already found that the membership here is from all around the world, with skill levels varying from Professionals to Home Cooks and everything in between.


Feel free to join in the conversation or start your own relevant thread.  

You might want to utilize the Search bar at the top of the page, as many topics have been discussed previously.  

The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are of note as well.  


Should you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ, Tutorials or Community Guidelines, please feel free to post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  


A note about the Professional Food Service Forums, those not employed in the food industries are asked to read only there, but it is very interesting to peek in on what they're talking about.


I feel that the 50,000 + members here at CT are so very generous with their knowledge and always willing to help anyone, no matter your abilities.  


Visit as often as you can and check out ChefTalk on Face Book and Pinterest as well.

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