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I'm catering a party for friend's birthday and it will be held in a residential setting. We've agreed on the following menu for roughly 25-30 guest. I'm simply preparing the food and it will be presentation will be buffet style. How should I price the job?


·      Artisanal Meat and Cheese Display

·      Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Display

·      Cucumber Rounds topped with Hummus and Roasted Pepper

·      Beef Wellington

·      Pesto Deviled Eggs

·      Salted Nuts

·      Shrimp Cocktail

       Lobster Roll

·      Artichoke and Olive Crostini

·      Tea Sandwiches

       Chicken Wings

·      Classic Caesar Salad

·      Burger Sliders

·      Swedish Meatballs

·      Pancetta Wrapped Grilled Asparagus

·      Summer Vegetable Lasagna


Sweets Table

·     Candy Stand:  Peanut Butter Cups, Assorted Chocolates, Charleston Chews, Lollipops, Hubba Bubba, Crybabies, Gummy Worms, Nerds, Twizzlers

·      Butterscotch Bread Pudding w Whiskey Cream and Strawberry Compote

·      Cupcakes (Red Velvet Cupcakes)

·      Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats



Drink Menu

·      Champagne Punch

·      Old Fashioned

·      Mint Julep

·      Side Car

·      Rum Cocktail

·      Whiskey Sour

·      Sloe Gin Fizz




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That's a large menu for 25-30 ppl.

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Agree with CB, even with TINY servings youre gonna have heaps of food left over.

There is a point at which, for any given number of people, a certain number of apps, mains etc

becomes too much FOR that number. Glancing at this, you've way exceeded it for 30 ppl, in fact

I wouldn't serve all that to a group under about 3- 400 . Just too labor intensive a menu.


That said, if I were to actually price out a menu like that for 30 people well, lets just say

they wouldn't like the price and would no doubt want to have a sit-down to start deleting some things.


They have 7 drinks there, 8 apps, 5 mains, a salad, and TWELVE desserts.

Curious: is this from a menu you offered them, or did they come up with all this?

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I havent worked in the states in 10 years but even back then it wouldnt touch that for less than 125$ a head and thats 2004 dollars. A lot of work and a lot of expensive products in that menu, at least in my eyes. No beer?
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in my opinion I think it's a good think to have your menu large and diverse, we call it in France Menu Dégustation" which means "Tasting Menu"

Majority of chefs will do this type of menu to impress guests however the price should much because there's a lot of ingredients to buy and my advise is start one day ahead specially if you haven't worked for 10 years, it's all about preparation really.

good luck and let us know how did go


Chef Paris

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You are going to loose a ton of bucks on this set up.
As has been said its way to much food, not just for you but for the client. If each guest guest just has a single bite of each item they are going away full to bursting. There is also going to be a signal to noise problem fro the guests, so many different items that good ones will just fade into the hum of the rest.

You say that this is buffet style, which could get into some problems as well. I recently did a dinner with nine items, for about 60 pp. The host swore up and down that there were plenty of display tables and no rentals were needed. I had a coffee table, and six seater dinning room table. Every flat surface in the building was covered in food! Sometimes having a server to control the pace is well worth the money.

Are the deserts going up at the same time? Or will you have to flip the buffet? Will there be a bartender, or will the cocktails be i pitchers (unopened booze=returnable booze).

You have got some high end (and labour entinsive ) items there. Your per head cost out to high is you want to pay your rent. That $125 figure might be good, unless you cant return booze or if you have to supply for disposables.
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