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Cupcake Formula Dozen Breakdown

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I get commissions mostly for cupcakes and cakes by word of mouth currently. Cupcakes have been quite frequent and I am starting to thankfully move away from box mixes and work with adjusting cake formulae of my own based on what I learned in school.


My question relates to breaking down a cake recipe for 1 dozen or even 6 cupcakes. I seem to get a lot of orders where people do not want the typical 24 that a box mix creates or they want 12 of one flavor and 12 of another. In adjusting the base formula, I'm finding that, as expected, ingredients that started out a small in the first place such as salt, extracts and baking powder are minimal amounts in the broken down versions.


Because of this, is it typical to require a minimum order of say 2 dozen cupcakes? If I was working with the broken down to 1 dozen or half dozen cupcakes would I adjust the minimal ingredients in any way to make them work out?


Thanks in advance and I apologize for my lack of terminology.



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To require a minimum or 2 dozen cuppies is ideal but....

Since you are developing your own recipes design a base that can be twisted to flavor different ways.

If you do end up with extra batter bake a cake layer, wrap well and freeze.

Then upsell one of your accounts to include a simple kitchen (cutter) cake.

FWIW I don't know your situation but 6 of anything will end up costing me instead of providing any kind of income.

If I cannot increase their order I refer to a full fledged bakery.



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