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Hi im new to this and need some advice.Im currently a commis chef at a two rosette hotel.I have been here for nearly two years and need to move up the ladder to demi cdp or cdp.The current cdp is applying for the sous chef job at our hotel so there might be a chance of promotion if he gets the job and they give me the cdp.The only cdp job locally i can find is actually 5 mins down the road and is very rosettes but fine dining menu changing every day with a sous vide, dehydrater, pako jet and few other fresh equipment..i have been to speak to the owners two months ago and decided then to stay at my currnet hotel and give the new head chef a chance..but now i feel like i need the change and need the promotion.I fear im going to look stupid if i ask again about the job?as i still believe they are looking.What to do??please help