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Knife advice needed !!!

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Hello guys!

About a month ago I got a job as Sushi-Women in a High End Sushi Restaurant. They provide us with some Sashimi and Deba knives but I’m entirely pleased with them. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendation where to buy (Wether it's online or a "physical" boutique) a nice knife kit that I could bring to work. I mainly work with vegetables, sushi rolls and sashimi. I also prepare the fish, remove the skin, prepare the sashimi’s etc. I was expecting to spend about 100$-175$ is that reasonable? I work full time, so I need something that can survive a lot of work and use!

Thank you!

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Sashimi knife being yanagiba? I'd say it depends on your knife skills. I know people have been successful with a 210 sujihiki as their main knife during service. There is a knuckle clearance issue and I wouldn't use it for hard stuff like carrots. My advice is a 210 gyuto or sujihiki for the line, depending on your skills and preference. Learn to sharpen the provided deba and yanagiba and it will make your life much easier.
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I'm assuming by vegatables you are talking about garnish things since you're at a sushi place. If you're talking about massive prep, then probably a longer gyuto. It depends on workspace though. If you have a small cuttingboard/work area then sometimes you can't use the big knife.
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