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Masamoto VG questions

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Hello all.


Been doing quite a bit of knife research. Reading here and elsewhere. I was looking at the Masamoto VG 9.4" gyotou to replace my shun. I simply don't like the shun as much as I thought I would. Ive used a friends Misono UX-10 and liked it but she doesn't sharpen it often enough so it wasn't that sharp and I don't want to spend that much on a knife. I've read that the VG and Misono 440 molybdenum are similar no?


Was wondering your thoughts on the VG, or of there are any other gyotous in the same price range I should consider that are similar? Also for a steel right know I only have my shun steel, gift with the knife. I've been trying to look into ceramic steels and am just wondering if and what you guys would recommend for a knife like this in-between water-stone sharpening.


Was also looking into possibly picking up a petty as all I have now is a small pairing knife. So open to suggestions for a reasonable petty as well.


Thanks all. 

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Dunno anything about the VG.  In between water stone sharpening, I use a strop or my 6000 grit stone. It's been working for me.

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Okay, it looks like the Masamoto is "Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel blade" (HRC58 to 59).  It is sharpened 70/30 out of the box, which may be problem if you are left handed.  Also I dunno if it is recommended to use a ceramic rod on it because of asymmetry.  The ceramic rod most discussed here is the Idahone fine (1200 grit).  I have never used this contraption so I have no comment.  I hardly even use strops any more.  Mostly just a couple swipes on my finishing stone.

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Please be aware the VG has a handle in POM, which I would find unacceptable at its pricepoint. If I were the OP I would choose between the Misono 440 -- the best F&F -- and Hiromoto Gin-3 -- the best steel.
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Thanks for your input?


Any other comments or suggestions in that price range etc?

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