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Culinary school in EU

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I don't even know where to start. I will try to start from scratch because I need some good advice. All started when I was still a kid, I didn't play with toys like other kids, I would pull stuff from my mothers kitchen and I would pretend to cook. I started with cooking when I was 9 years old, It was pancake and it was like 5 cm thick but still delicious. After some time I started with simple stuff like eggs, french fries, soups etc. Within few years I started to cook pretty much everything. That's how it all started. Now I am 19 years old and studying something I don't really like (electrical engineering). I finished first semester and then I started to work without a clue what to do with my life. Now I am in USA on Work and Travel program and since I don't really like american food style I cook every day. That helped me to figure out what I want to do in my life for sure. I'm from Croatia and there is no culinary academy or any other higher education in this field. I would like to enroll in some good culinary school and I'm willing to move anywhere in world to do that. I'm low on money and I can't expect my parents to help me with that. So my question is, what is the best option for me? Anyone here that was in similar situation?


Thank you and I'm sorry for my poor English skills.

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Obviously you should start researching schools around the world if you are serious about attending. There are many. I wouldn't dismiss American schools because you don't like our style of cooking, whatever that means, but you might want to narrow it down by where you would like to live and can afford. Obviously visit the school before you enroll. Use your instincts and decide what your goals are after culinary school/how you plan on using this degree. Best of luck to you. 

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