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Curious about getting paid better wage

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How the hell can you find an employer to pay a decent wage? Work we do is harder than average job.
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And you're not even working that hard because some places where the work is the hardest you stage for like months.  ;)

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Welcome to the restaurant business, where nobody makes money. We talk about how much money servers make, but the owner pays them even less. Sure, you do ok as a manager, but the hours you put in make a lot of people blanch. And the owner has a volitile business that probably pulls 7-10% profit andcan see that wiped out by one broken walk in, winter storm, bad management, groupon, what have you.
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It honestly depends on the place, the experience, and if the place is highly viewed and visited. 

Depends on customers, whos the boss and how much your working, as well as location. 


One of my crappiest jobs since today was at a bar, that had a tiny ass kitchen but served 200-350 a night. 

Our salary was minimum wage, but we werent paid overtime, instead if we worked over 8 hours a day he would pay us as if we worked TWO days. So maybe one day i worked 10 hours or 12 hours but would get paid as if i had worked two days. So aside from my minimum wage salary this bonus of making 2 days worth of cash for working a few hours more was great. Because at the end of the month i basically would make 2.5 minimum wage salaries. 2/3´s of the salary basically came from the extra hours of work. 

Since i live in another country i would say that what i would make in one day working extra hours could be compared to making 100 bucks per day, since i worked overtime everyday. 

But i didn´t stay long because the kitchen was disgusting, the cooks were nasty, and i saw so many health code violations in one hour that i couldnt understand how the place stayed packed and how the customers were alive still after eating. 


I also worked at a place that did catering on the side as well as opened for service and functioned regulary like a restaurant. The place was open from Thursday to Sunday with all staff pulling double shifts on Saturdays. So basically on a slow week we would have 3 days off. 

Regardless i still earned minimum wage, and on top of that would make an extra 100-150 per week as a bonus on top of my regulary salary. 


Note that i live in a small town and their aren´t so many great places to work at. But if you work hard, qualified and can cook you can justify having a higher salary. 

I in this industry have never earned less then minimum wage, i usually earn more....

Thats because im young, dont mind working hard and i have experience in the industry, but i am no where near as qualified as most chefs, i just wont work for free or stimulate "slave labor". If im going to work i need to make minimum wage or higher and if they wont pay me what i need or what i deserve i cut lose. Of course if the place or restaurant underpays me but in return im gaining a lot of experience and learning a lot i can stick it out. 


I always found the problem that some people will take what they can get, while others will demand higher wages. I dont demand a higher wage, i just simply know which places will pay me better and dedicate my time to attempt a job at that location. If ill learn more and make less i can make that sacrifice, but nowadays i probably wouldnt be so eager to do so, since i don´t depend on mom and dad´s money and need to pay the bills and provide for myself. When i get a job offer i usually have an objetive on what i would like to earn, if the pay is close to, equal to or higher then what i would like, i accept, if its less i weigh out the situation and determine the pros and cons to see if i was to accept, if i would be able to survive on the pay, i take this into consideration if the place is good and has a reputation allowing me to get more experience and build up my rep as well. 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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