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Hi There,

I work for a London-based production company specialising in long-form commercials and am looking for a couple of professional chefs to trial and provide an expert testimonials on camera for a new Stand Mixer we are promoting.

As well as coming with interchangeable mixing and whipping blades that can be used for pastries, dough, this mixer is able to fit add-ons such as pasta rollers, a mincer, and sausage maker. We would want to use chefs with a speciality that fits with the purpose of the product – bakers or pastry chefs for instance – although due to the multiple functions of the stand mixer, if you think this is something that could help you in the kitchen I’m keen to hear from you.

If you are potentially interested in being involved in this please drop me an email to telling me a bit about yourself, your work and providing your contact details. Following this I am happy to discuss details such as timescales, rates, or anything else you want to know. Please note, the testimonials will be all your own words and views and we don’t expect you to endorse anything you don’t want to.


Best Regards