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Looking for recipes

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Specifically, looking for a large batch production recipe of a corn-olive oil cake (sweet or semi-sweet), and a sweet corn ice cream for dessert menu testing.


Any help would be appreciated, and recipes in weights would be awesome if possible.



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I currently serve a sweet corn ice cream with one of my desserts. 


This batch gives you a solid 2 1/2 qt batch. 


6 large ears of corn

1 qt. milk

1 qt. heavy cream

1 c honey

4 oz. inverted sugar (I use glucose powder, 60g)

16 egg yolks

1 c sugar.


Take most of the skin off the corn but leave a couple of layers of green. Roast the corn over a grill or fire, to give it a nice char on it. You don't want to color the yellow of the corn. After roast the corn in a 350f convection oven for 10min. Allow to cool.


Make your ice cream batch as you normally would. Once complete, take the kernels off the corn, burmix into the ice cream base and allow to steep over night in the fridge. Strain and spin.



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You rock thanks! I'll give it a try

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I am also ISO a stiff chocolate mousse recipe that would be able to fill a terrine (or other) mold, chilled and sliced. Any help would be great guys...keep it coming

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