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In addition to all the good questions by others....


First if you're trying to do it out of a home it's not even legal in pretty much all the states.

It also ain't very smart. So I would add that we also need to know what country you're in.

I was running catering events after only a few under my belt, yet I wouldn't even CONSIDER

taking on a wedding party of 200, until I had 50 or 60 events to my experience. Weddings don't

get taken lightly-- they're a huge event in several people's lives--not just bride and groom.

Screw it up by getting in over your head and the resulting wrath will be....less than fun.


So I'm with Chefs Buba and EdB on this one....give us some more info on your background

and experience.....cuz as it stands now, I think most of us are about ready to

advise you to pass on this job.