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Genetically Modified Food

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Hi everyone!


My name is Emma and I'm currently studying Food Hospitality in Year 12. I was if anyone could find the time to answer a few questions regarding the research on genetically modified food.


1. What is your view on genetically modified food?


2. Do you support or oppose it?


3. Are they any precautions people can take to protect against genetically modified food?


4. What role do chefs play in addressing this contemporary issue on the menu?


Thank you for taking the time, greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Emma Heywood-Smith :laser:

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Maybe make this into a poll? I am not a chef and no longer cater but here are my answers.


1. I avoid it as much as possible. I am finding I have allergy problems with it.


2. Oppose! GMO monoculture is destroying the genetic diversity we used to have for food. That diversity as a protection against famine if some new super bug or weed crops up that is resistant to the GMO. This is already happening to an extent requiring heavier use of herbicides and pesticides than with conventional crops. Plus new crop diseases that could wipe out the entire GMO crop are a possibility.  With genetic diversity not all crops would be susceptible to these things.


3. Don't buy it!


4. If I was still catering BBQ I would be buying locally from farmers who do not use GMO crops, do not use drugs on their livestock. Showcase local sustainably raised foods that don't contaminate the environment.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply! Greatly appreciated. 

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Reason you won't get a whole lot of reply's here is students are encouraged to do their own research. Also why some of my answers were vague. If you need information on a topic google is your friend, but stay away from wikipedia for a source!

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