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Process Dried garlic bulbs?

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I have garlic bulbs, cloves still tight in their wrapping, that has dried for 24 months.

What is the best way to process the dry cloves.

They are soft like dried apple slices.

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I'm not sure why you would dry garlic bulbs for 24 months in the first place. Maybe I'm missing out on some fantastic culinary treat I've never hear of, but if they get to the stage where they feel like dried apple slices, I throw them out. I would think even to make garlic powder or granulated garlic, fresh garlic would work better. What gave you the idea of drying them for so long?

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It is a test to see which of the six varieties  I grew would last in a natural dry state.

I think fresh is best & have the room to grow as much as I like.

But I want to process the garlic to see if it can be of use.

Raw garlic can be stored like any Allium, but I wanted to see if there was other ways to store it.

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I'm surprised they're soft and still tight in their skins. When mine get old the skins crack and the cloves shrivel and harden.


Anyway have you heard of cracking the heads into a couple pieces and then putting in a metal bowl that has a mate that you invert on top and then shake the dickens out of it? It loosens and removes the skins on fresh cloves. Not sure how it will work on your soft ones.


I got this tip from Martha Stewart. Its nice when you need to peel a whole head or more at a time.

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I have some that are hard too.

I can crush them, it was the soft ones that I need help with.

You can use a small tube(shrink tube*), like a bike inter tube to do the same thing.

My home grown clove come right out of the skin/shell.

If you leave the garlic in the ground until the bulbils are ready to pick/harvest.

The bulb skins & the clove skins will wash right off, but then you will have pounds of fresh clean skinless clove to deal with.

I washed, hand dried & stored them in pint canning jars with vinegar, some times lime juice & spices are mixed in too.



Shrink tube*;_ylt=A0LEV0h7FeRTrHsAsAVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0b2ozb21lBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQ1OV8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=spigot-yhp-sfmac&va=shrink+tube+heat+gun

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Maybe slice the pointy end off and roast them, then squeeze the "meat" out. Like this-

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Thanks for the link, I need to roast some clove for garlic butter.

I am talking about storing or persevering 20-30 pounds of garlic & roasting will only work if I freeze the garlic.

Keeping the bulbs in a cool dry place helps for 5 - 6 months, but I am looking for another  system, maybe hot are dehydration is the easy best way to go.

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