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Nestle's Chocobake

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I have been calling all stores in my local and 'nearby' stores in the State of Maine and New Hampshire to find Chocobake, much to my dismay to only find that Nestle has discontinued this item! Also contacted Nestle and only was told the same.  Was told they have no intention to bring this item back.  I was thrilled to see the phone number to call to get it back! I will be doing this, even if I am only a home chef/mom/grandmother!

My recipe for the moistest, chocolatetiest (sp) brownies has been handed down from my grandmother and it has always called for Choco-Bake! This recipe has been kept hidden from all outsiders and still is.  I would give my eye teeth to find a truckload of ChocoBake! My entire family is so disappointed.

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Oddly enough i remembered tgis thread from the archives, maybe it will help.


What can I substitute for choco-bake?
started on 12/24/10 last post 12/07/15 at 8:54am 6 replies 71826 views
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