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Pastry Internship in France?

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I am currently a student graduating in December with AAS in culinary and pastry arts. However I need an internship to complete my pastry degree. One of the chef instructors sent an email about a program that goes to Europe but I would really like to go to France. I am struggling to find a program that will work for me as I do not have any foreign language classes. I also must be home in July of next year as it is my daughters 16th birthday and she expecting a spectacular cake! I have found some programs with age restrictions (I am currently 33 and will be 34 next year which is when I would like to travel.) I am hoping that you may have suggestions of a program that will work for me. I did stumble upon ENSP after months of searching so any recent reviews of this program may be helpful also. Thank you in advance!

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Any small town bakery I entered in France was superior to anything I have experienced in the States.  Perhaps there is some thing comparable to be found in NYC or tucked away somewhere else, but If pastry were my thing I'd certainly make every effort for France.  Understand though that the price of food and many items of daily living are much more expensive than here in the States.



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I would love to get to France but it may take a lot more work and time since I don't have any foreign language at all. There are only 2 bakeries where I live and one closes during the slow season.

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Just in the relatively tiny downtown strip in an area of Lyon were I  was staying there were 3 bakeries.  The French love their baked goods.


Not saying it wouldn't be a problem for you, but American (no one in he EU refer to it as "English") is actually the official language of the EU.  You would likely find fellow students eager to translate for you just for the practice.  And you pick up language fairly quick when you are immersed in it.  It just may be possible.




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Have you thought about the Boston area. There is an awsome pastry restaurant there. I on't remember the name but they have a web site an if you make inquires somone shoul be able to help. I i my externship in France an germany after I finished school in Paris. If you o not speak French you will have a hard time getting a job an working in France.

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