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Good Morning - I have been asked to cater an anniversary dinner for two.location is about 30 miles from my home.  I will cook at the location.  

They want:

* Appetizer

* Light Salad

* Beef dish - such as Boneless Short Ribs Braised in wine & Tomatoes or Beef Stroganoff

* Vegetable

* Dessert - chocolate something - cake or muffins w/ganache filling and frosting

* fresh Baguette - herb butter


The drive will take me 1 hour round trip. Shopping time - 30 minutes. Prep and cook time 3 hours. Cleanup 30 minutes.

Not sure exactly what food cost will be.  I am buying at supermarket prices.

How much can / should I charge for this?

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Figuring all things go as planned and everything times to your thoughts, have 4 hours plus 1 hours travel. Figure yourself an hourly rate, the cost of food plus your mark up on it( if any )

Really you need to think that even though you only plan to spend 5 hours total, the work day is probly shot. Unless this is a favor for friends its going to be hard to get fairly compensated unless the couple truly understand the time and skill they are wanting to hire.
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Thanks Lagom- that helps.  I have always had a hard time pricing my services so that I am well compensated.  I always think that the customer will think my price is ridiculous - if I price it correctly. Pricing my food cost won't be that difficult. As a personal chef I get paid $45/hr. Catering this dinner for two at that rate + food and drive time would be about $250.  That sounds a lot even to me for a dinner for two.

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