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Chef looking for information on knives

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Hi there guys Im a professional chef cooking modern European food, looking to treat him self to a new set of of Knives. I have a mix of Wustof, Gustav and Dick currently but they are kind of old and well loved.



I have always preferred German Knives my Globals and I parted ways long ago, but after researching a little I'm open to moving towards Japanese again as long as the handle is different to the Global, the slender feel seemed to make my hand cramp a little over prolonged use. One of the reasons im looking is I have developed a slight tremor in my hands and i was hoping a slightly lighter blade would work a little better for me although I do on the whole prefer the extra weight as unhelpful as that is to you guys lol


Budget £1500 max 


Knives Required

2 Chefs Knives ( 1 could be a Nakiri or Santoku etc)

Filleting Knife

Serrated Pastry, Utility Knife

Boning Knife

Carving/Slicer Non Serrated 





Im long in the tooth and  sharpen with a ceramic steel so prefer no Asymmetric blades, 



I have been leaning towards a mix of Massamoto VG's and Tojiro Senkou's the Miyabi's certainly look beautiful, But then I could go back to German and Grab a set of Dick's or Wustofs im open to your suggestions 



Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for any suggestions 

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Hey there,


My buddy is a line cook at a rib place in texas and I know he uses these knives (shun classic 7 piece). Very tough and razor sharp





I am a new member so only click the link if you dont want to google it.


hope this helped!

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I am going to limit myself to just the chef knives, since that's the category which will have the highest impact on your use.


Since your listed budget is in pounds, I am supposing you are in the United Kingdom.  If not, let me know if I'm wrong and I will adjust my suggestions accordingly.


I don't begrudge you not having the Globals any longer.  Their handles seemed to be more for style than for practicality.  'nuff said.


Your current knives certainly suggest traditional warhorses (I suppose the Gustav is an older Gustav Emil Ern carbon steel blade).  Without changing the feel of the handles too much, I would suggest you might consider the MAC "Mighty" Professional line for at least one of your two chef knives.  Either the 9-1/2" or 10-1/2" knives would be a true revelation to you.


If you are looking for a knife more akin in thickness to the German blades in your current collection, you might consider the MAC Ultimate.  It's heavier than the MAC Professional, with a thicker blade that has at least two secondary bevels to bring the edge profile to an acceptable thinness.  The bolster is also extended partway along the heel of the blade, though not all the way to the edge.  


Earlier reviews by BDL ("Boar de Laze") place both the MAC Professional and the Masamoto VG as excellent western-handled knives.  The difference between the two is that the MAC is a slightly thicker and more rigid blade, while the Masamoto is thinner and a tad more flexible.


I have both a MAC Ultimate (9 inch) and a MAC "Mighty" Professional (9-1/2 inch).  Of the two, the Professional would normally get my nod.  The Professional is lighter and more nimble in my hand, despite being a larger blade.  The Professional also has less wedging.  I don't have a Masamoto VG (yet!), though it's on my wish list.


MAC knives in the UK are available through either Continental Chef Supplies (  ) or Hansens Chef Shop Ltd ( ).


I would have to wonder about either a santoku or a nakiri.  Both are relatively short blades.  The santoku is not a knife I would normally want in my kit.  Anything it can do, can just as easily be done by the chef's knife (or gyuto).  


I have a wa-handled (traditional Japanese wood handle) Tojiro ZEN nakiri.  The steel in the ZEN line is laminated, with the core being a "cobalt" alloy.  Since VG-10 steel is also considered as a "cobalt" alloy steel, I am guessing that the ZEN is likely also either VG-10 or something extremely similar.  As a vegetable knife, it works well, though it is not my primary blade, even for that task.


You also list a ceramic steel as your sharpener.  Since "steels" are hones and do not actually sharpen (they align the edge), I would suggest you might appreciate one of the Edge Pro Apex versions for actually sharpening your knives.  I use and have recommended the Edge Pro Essential Set (  ), which is an Edge Pro Apex kit with the original stones removed and Shapton Glass stones put in instead (along with some other items).  The Essential Set is a custom kit available only through Chef Knives to Go.  The price is $243.20 and can be shipped to the UK.  I would also add a 20X loupe ($8.95) and an Angle Cube ($34.95).


Hope that helps



Galley Swiller

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Thanks for the reply I actually ordered my knives last night  mixture of Mac Pros and Misono with a Victorinox serrated pastry knife should see me right for a few years I'l keep a couple of Germans for cracking carcasses and im giving the rest to the apprentice to help him on his way so jobs a good un thanks a lot 

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