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Differences between different types of skillets?

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Attention:My first post and it is going to be a long,long one

Hello everyone , i have a question about skillets .In just 3 days , the things i learned about different types of skillets is overwhelming.I cant categorize them in my head , THEY ARE SO MANY . So... i want a skillet to do all the jobs and to be healthy too.Ill present you my findings and PLEASE correct my mistakes and tell me your opinion on witch one to choose .Also please explain me the different kind of nonstick coating and witch is the more versatile and must have skillet of all.



Cast Iron : good for everything except tomatoes,wine , can get from stovetop to oven, heavy and needs a LOT of caring

My first choice:

Second choice :



Stainless steel : again good for everything just needs more oil .

My choice :



Non Stick : good for low temperatures and Eggs( i cook a lot of eggs) but it has some very dangerous things for us on its nonstick surface .Here i searched for pans that claimed to be PFOA FREEarrow-10x10.png .

First choice :

Second choice ( wich is PTFE? safe also ) :




As i know untill now, these are the basic types of skillets

.But then during my research i found pans like this : wich i have not a single idea what it is ,

or like that :

or even non stick stainless steel :

I also found some skillets that are called hard anodized : witch for some reason i particularly like .

I also would like to know the le Creuset pans i reffered to( ) , that say that they are non stick , they are so expensive but yet they dont say if they are PFOA FREEarrow-10x10.png but they dont seem to be the same non stick surface like the other traditional non stick pans .

P.S. i am only 15 so i dont know a lot of things about 'em sry

P.S.2  english is not my first language 

PLEASE I NEED HELP , i need to purchase one good skillet from amazon and the shipping costs are quite expensive , so give me some good advice                     



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Get a stainless steel, heaviest you can find from a restaurant supply store. It will be much cheaper than all clad etc. brand names online. Then get a cheap nonstick for eggs, again the heaviest you can find.
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Clad stainless steel is the most versatile of pan materials. It rewards good technique and will punish cooks without patience  or those who want to fiddle with the food too much.  


The Cuisinart pan you link to is not clad, but a disk bottom. I can't recommend that. Beyond the disk, there's a lot of pan flare of thin  stainless steel where things will scorch and burn.  You won't be happy with this. Clad costs more but the performance is worth the extra cost in a pan. In a pot, disk bottom is a reasonable purchase. 


If you can find a Greek vendor, is the pan I would look for. Well made, good performing, clad, inexpensive. 


Carbon steel is much like cast iron in care and use, but a little lighter and holds the patina less well. The Lodge you link to is more for quick breads, eggs and such, not a full saute because of it's shallow sides. These are more special purpose pans. 


Hard Anodized is not that non-stick, at least in my opinion. It's fussy about use and care as well. Skip it. 


Buying a heavy inexpensive non-stick pan as Millionsknives recommended is a good idea for fish and eggs. 

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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So you are saying that if a SS skillet is not Clad , it is not good because it doesnt distribute heat evenly? If that is what you are saying , ill have to search a little more because all cuisinart skillets i found on amazon are pretty cheap and seemed good :\ and clad ss skillets are less and more expensive :x

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I got the Amway QUEEN pot set for wedding gift 31 years ago, all the AQ pans/ skillet are Clad-Stainless Steel on top & bottom with carbon steel in the middle to hold heat.

I have had to replace the handles, but the pans have held up to 31 years of use.

I am going to agree with  phatch  & say this is your best buy.

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