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ACF Certifications

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So after many years of cooking I finally decided to go back to working in fine dining. A year later I've landed a sous chef position and wanted to ask if getting the ACF sous chef certification would be a good addition to resume or waste of time?
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How many people do you supervise?

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Although there are many restaurants out there that utilize certified Chefs, it is still something that many Chefs do for personal growth.

The competitions help teach a multitude of useful skills that one can use to enrich their careers but.....again....I maintain that the ACF is not for everybody. This is something that is dependent on what you wish to achieve in your career.


Kuan asked you how many people you supervise for a reason.


ACF is all about sharing and networking with Chefs to help improve themselves. If you have a crew, it might be all about helping THEM to achieve better knowledge and understanding of our industry and to that end, you might become a mentor to them.


It's all about what YOU want...

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About 10 people
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Im not really looking for an acf certification to help me land some bad ass job or anything like that. Im very comfortable with where I work and I think im going to be there for a while. Its more or less a credential I think would be an asset to have to show im a professional and not just a sous chef. Hell I hear line cooks at Applebee claim to be chefs. And they might be, but ask them to do a simple 5 course tasting menu and they prob couldn't
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 You need to supervise a minimum number of employees in order to qualify for different levels of certification.  I think 10 people would qualify for CEC.  If you can afford them go ahead and take the exams.  Your local ACF chapter will probably have a schedule for the practicals.  There's no harm in talking to your local chapter.

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