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ServSafe recognized Nationally but not everyone ?

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So this is about ServSafe 

i wondering does anyone know why ServSafe the exam is the same in each state however some states don't except it form tests that where taken out of state 

like i understand CA NV and maybe taxes has a food handlers permit specific for their states that also involve a health board screening.


Apparently Utah does not except my ServSafe that i have from Florida 

but the tests and exams are the same all over the country i mean yes they are different questions but the answers are the same no matter what state i am in from what i understand 

they don't have a specific book for the State of Utah to study for the test.

Does anyone have any idea can someone explain to me if i am missing something.

I just am trying to understand i get that the altitude is way higher so the air is different up there so things like boiling water could be a different temperature in Utah then in Florida however 

internal food temps are the same nation wide arrant they ? 


like i can't find any solid info on weather temps change for say poultry 165 is the temp for Florida and that's whats coming up all over the country just using this as an example i just am wondering anyone have any ideas on how come my ServSafe would not be valid in the sate of utah if they are going to have me take the same test as i did in Florida just to get a utah permit ? 


i am going for my internship in Utah 

starts November 10th just outside of Salt lake city.

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Utah food handlers card $10 bucks and it's all yours.

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Originally Posted by chefbuba View Post

Utah food handlers card $10 bucks and it's all yours.

yes i found that site 10 plus 15 for the county fee 25 it's not the money that i am worried or caring about 

what i am curious about is how come if servsafe offers a test for utah does anyone know why my servsafe is no good in utah now.


like do i need to be concerned with temps and stuff changing between Florida and utah 

or are internal temps all the same across the country ?


i can't find any info on them changing so i just want to make sure before i go and take the test that i can be ok or if i need to study up on specifics for utah ? 

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I just did a quick Google search and found a site where you could contact the health department in Utah and ask your question online.

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awesome thank you 

i actual did a google search lastnight for summit county utah health department that is the county where i will be 

and sent them a contact email.


the nice lady sent me back a email within like 10 minutes but i was so tired i went to sleep didn't get to come on and post in here yet.

She told me that my Servsafe is good in utah for 3 years from the date that it was issued even though it says 5 utah only recognizes 3

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The united states department of agriculture governs the food code nationally. However most states if not all have their specifics state department of agriculture such as the pennsylvanias dept. of agriculture which governs that specific state. however, SERV SAFE certification courses are governed by the USDA some modifications occur from state to state. For example a stste that processes a lot of cattle for beef may have additional handling requirements then say New York Therefore, which is approved by the federal level a particular stste may have variances for handling beef. Your HACCP, cooling temps and times, danger zones should relatively be the same nation wide. Its always good to check with your states required food code for accurate information.

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