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Hello friends--
I've scoured the commercial kitchen rentals forum but could not find the kind of information I was looking for.

Quick background: for the past two years I've been running my own bakery & catering business out of commercial kitchens where I am dually employed. I haven't been paying rental fees.

I'm at a point where I am stable and ready enough to move out of dual employment and work solely for my business out of a rental.

The opportunity I've found is a daycare center that uses its kitchen only five days a week during the morning/ very early afternoon.

Very limited kitchen provisions, small kitchen, in a small town in West Virginia, but were the price right I would leap at the opportunity.

My questions are as follows:

Does anyone have experience renting on a weekly or even monthly basis as opposes to strictly by-the-hour?

Does anyone have any experience renting from a commercial space that is not set up for catering/restaurant/incubator needs? Was there a benefit to you in the pricing?

They'd like to bring in a little extra revenue and I have a friend on the board who enthusiastically has taken an interest in getting me into the kitchen; how would you approach the center in determining fair pricing?

They have no experience is renting out the kitchen, so I fear the asking rates will either be unknowingly low, or.. Well, unknowingly high.

I would so appreciate any input, feedback, or similar experiences shared on this topic.

Thank you all so much for your time.