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Need some advice

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Hi there Chef Talk!  I'm 24 with no culinary degree.  I kind of fell in to the business when i was 18 just looking for a job.  Culinary always fascinated me as a kid tho. I watched a lot of iron chef and good eats.I wanted to attend culinary school when I was graduating high school but let my family talk me out of it.  My first few cooking jobs were nothing fancy or fine dining but they got me into the industry.  I never wanted to stay with cooking but I finally got a job that has shown me how great it can be.  I work at a 600 room Hilton in the center of downtown Columbus.  All from scratch cooking.  Its made me sign up for a culinary apprenticeship at a local community college.  The classes are slow very very slow and I feel like I'm not learning much.  I enjoy reading the textbooks but i could do that on my own for free and was before I started the class.  Recently I've gotten the chance at a job at a 1500 room Hilton in Chicago.  I have the money to go and a place to live.  My question is should I finish the degree just to have the paper or should I go to Chicago and keep reading every night as i already do?

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There is so much more you need to fill in, mainly, what is your position right now?

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Banquet cook.  I've cycled through all the menus within the past year and its getting quite stale.

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You would want the opportunity to step up I think.  Chicago is a damn fine city.  Get in, do your 2000 people banquets, and then maybe there will be an opening for you.

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I agree with kuan, go to Chicago. It's a premier culinary city and it sounds like you'll be doing the same thing, just with higher volume and surrounded by more talented cooks and chefs.
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agreed Step up.... but keep that passion for learning and dont stop doing it outside of work

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