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Tortilla Expert Needed!

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Hi there!! I have a couple questions on doing homemade tortillas in bulk for a restaurant. I've made flour tortillas from scratch several times at home but I'm unsure of the process for doing this for a restaurant.


The back story is: I'm from Texas and I met two guys in Paris while going to pastry school who are opening a Mexican restaurant and decided to help out! The focus is on tacos and burritos. I'll be making the desserts and helping with the savory side. We've consulted with several Mexican chefs to ensure authenticity of the recipes- we'll be tweaking them a bit to adjust to the French taste buds. Right now we're deciding on equipment for the restaurant. It will be a small space. We will have a tortilla machine to press the tortillas and will cook them on a flat top. 


ok so here's the questions I can think of now:

1. What is the best way to make a large amount of dough for corn and flour tortillas? Food processor, mixer, by hand? If so, what kind? How big? We're estimated 100 tortillas per day to start. 


2. Any tips on the quickest way to divide the dough into even balls? I'm used to dividing by weight for cookie dough but not sure if it would be the same method here.


3. What is the best way to store leftover dough? In measured balls, then defrost, roll, and cook?




If you have anymore information (links, advice..) on making tortillas in bulk- I'd love to hear it!


Thanks so much!

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By no means do I claim to be an expert I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night....I actually have some experience with this from my past.


Making a 100 per day is no great amount. I would keep it all manual except for mixing and pressing so a small 20-30qt Hobart is a good choice plus it can be a versitile piece of equipment for the kitchen. For portioning and balling, the two things attached to the ends of your arms will work best. Weigh and ball by hand as if you would with any dough product and for pressing and cooking, there are a couple manual tortilla presses that make things easier. DoughXpress is a brand we used for a divider/roller and I did find a press online that would probably suit your needs.


If you ever get into bulk production.....hundreds per day....and you wish to remain in the fresh category and automation is not an issue, a larger mixer will be needed....we're talking tortillas by the hundreds or 50+ pounds of dough at a time For that I would suggest going this route. I posted a you tube video in another conversation . That unit combined with the DoughXpress divider suited our needs and we were selling $85,000.00 worth of tacos and fajitas a week. BE&SCO is probably a good stop for all the equipment you would need. Unfortunately, not being there and seeing the entire scope of what you wish to accomplish or grow to, there are plenty of options available you just need to decide and then do.


Storing the dough is done best on a maxi rack with parchment lined and flour dusted plastic sheet trays covered with parchment paper in the cooler. You can hold at room temperature but not for hours and hours on end. It's only flour, water, baking powder and lard but I'd say about 3 hours would be max. But that depends on the health codes in France

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woo!! Thank you so much @oldschool1982 !! That is SO helpful! I'll probably reach out via PM with more questions, if you don't mind. :-D

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