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Hi guys!


So I recently was traveling and had some amazing shrimp tacos. Unfortunately, they don't sell them anywhere around me and I'm too shy to message the restaurant owner and ask for the recipe so I've been working on my own.


Here is a picture:


I've done some research of my own but haven't yet gotten a chance to execute the recipe I've developed.


This is my ingredient list:



100% corn tortillas

Red onion

White onion

Poblano peppers

Red pepper spice

Sour cream



Chipotle peppers

Plain greek yogurt

Jack cheese shredded

Kosher salt


So I'd fry the shrimp with butter, spicy powder, salt, some sliced poblano peppers, and white onion. Then I'd make a spicy sauce to pour over it (just a little, since it didn't seem to have a lot but the shrimp itself was spicy [I did add some habanero salsa on top they had]). For the spicy sauce I'd combine the yogurt, and chipotle peppers. Then I'd heat up the tortillas and add cheese to one to get it melted, combine the stuff to make it into a taco and add some whipped lime-sour cream. My only concern is that it will be overly creamy and it won't work. Would it be better to just use sour cream on the sauce itself? Any tips to improve this would be very much appreciated!


Disclaimer: I'm not a chef. I just like cooking.